Long-term support for virtuous web3 solutions, by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

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50 Partners Web3 is the 50 Partners gas pedal dedicated to supporting the most innovative projects in web3 (Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, DiD, Gaming, Metavers, Wallet, Crypto, Analytics, DAO, Security ...)

The web3 is often associated with inglorious qualifiers such as elitist, polluting, or even a privileged place for scams. However, the technological and ideological revolutions induced by this new generation of the Internet, allow the development of solutions having the capacity to have a sustainable impact on our daily life in the more or less long term. However, this ecosystem remains immature and requires the support of experienced players to develop.

Co-founded by leading web3 entrepreneurs in France (Arianee, Smartchain, Ternoa, Oxya Origin, Curve, etc.), the 50 Partners Web3 program provides all the experience and business intelligence needed to support the development of selected projects.

The particularity of this tailor-made program also lies in its lenght. Startups are provided with a long term support in order to get help at every stage of their development.

The Partners are the founders of some of the most successful French web3 stories (Arianee, Smartchain, Ternoa, Oxya Origin, Exclusible, ...), but also experienced entrepreneurs with a strong appetite in this field (Talentsoft, Golden Bees, Tokywoky, Tradelab, ...).

They work together to select 6 to 8 promising start-ups each year to whom they provide a long term personalised support to build the most successful businesses.

Each month, meetings are organised based on the issues faced by the entrepreneurs.

Partners share their experience, advice and networks to answer questions and accelerate the development of projects.

We also help founders to surround themselves with key players and the best resources in the ecosystem, selected for the quality of their support.

A network composed of 250+ major groups (CAC40), C-levels of scale-ups (VP Engineering of Qonto, Head of Sales of Payfit, CFO of Meero, CMO of Mano Mano, etc.), VC investors, and experts.

The "50 Friends" ecosystem is made up of more than 250 executives from large corporations, C-levels of scale-ups, investors and business experts. 

50 Partners hosts meetings, workshops and individual working sessions that allow entrepreneurs to benefit from the network.

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The definition of a good funding strategy is a key factor of success for companies. The amount, timing and investors must be thought out specifically for each project.

50 Partners ensures that 100% of the companies find the necessary funds at the different stages of their development, with the best possible investors (Business Angels and VCs).

Each year, 20 to 30 fundraising operations are carried out with the support of our teams.

The 50 Partners Capital funds, subscribed by the Partners and third-party investors, can also co-invest in the projects supported.

Support for 

Definition of the right fundraising strategy and connections to the best investors.

Access to funds
50 Partners Capital.

A short validation cycle.
Bridges and co-investments.

50 Partners offers a unique coworking space in the heart of Paris dedicated to entrepreneurs.

This former factory can host up to 125 workers and is the heart of the ecosystem (workshops, conferences, networking, etc.).

The projects supported benefit from free hosting.

The loft also welcomes entrepreneurs in coworking with a flexible and non-binding office offer.

For all office requests or event space reservations, contact leloft@50partners.fr

50 Partners brings together more than 300 entrepreneurs (Partners and alumni) in France and abroad.

This unique, experienced and caring community is an extraordinary resource for entrepreneurs.

Numerous events are organized to enable this exchange between all the founders: workshops, dinners, green days, conferences, etc. Finally, annual events such as the"50 Day 2023" or"Impact & Innovation Days 2022", a unique conference to discover tomorrow's solutions for the Environment and Society.

50 Partners develops relationships with ecosystems around the world.

Regular study trips to the US, Asia, and all over Europe allow us to build relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, large companies and all those who make innovation happen internationally.

A network of international accelerators offers the opportunity for startups in the program to be hosted on site to study possible extensions in promising new markets.

Finally, many Partners who have successfully developed their activities abroad, advise entrepreneurs as they embark on this key stage.